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Who We Are

Teknosophy Company History

What started as a side business to help friends and family in 2009 solidified into a Limited Liability Company in 2011. The idea for the business was born from the realization that there were few computer experts in the area who could explain what they did... at least not in Plain English, so that non-computer folks could understand. We saw this as an opportunity to make things friendlier.

We believe the entire world is comprised of intelligent people who are just overwhelmed by unnecessarily complicated technology. Over the years, Teknosophy has simplified many complex computer installations and has satisfied hundreds of clients.

Unlike our competitors, our aim is not to patch your system up every few months. Our radical approach is to fix problems once and for all, keeping your technology maintenance-free and interruption-free. We strive to exceed your expectations at every turn.



Marc-Anthony ArenaMarc-Anthony ArenaMarc-Anthony Arena - President

Marc-Anthony Arena is founder and President of Teknosophy, LLC. He's an honors graduate of both McQuaid Jesuit and RIT's Saunders College of Business, with concentrations in Entrepreneurship, Spanish, and Russian. He has extensive Windows, Mac, Mint, and electronics experience, and a natural intuition for diagnosing complex computer issues.  When he's not resolving computer issues or poking fun at them, he's on a road trip looking for good seafood.


Mary McGuire - Office Manager

Mary joined Teknosophy in 2017 and is here to make sure customer requests are scheduled. She brings to the table experience with wedding planning, customer service, and political campaigning. Right from the beginning, callers assumed she had been a member of the team for a long time, thanks to her experience and personability.



Augustine CostAugustine CostAugustine Cost - Special Teams Kicker

Augustine is a full-stack programmer with experience in Web, iOS, and Windows applications. He graduated from RIT in 2011 with a B.S. in Multidisciplinary Studies, where he also studied film and business. For Teknosophy's special projects, he makes major strategy recommendations, and he lends his remarkable skill of absorbing the technology and designing a solid product. He likes playing music and soldering together rudimentary electronics in his spare time.


Our Partners


BBryan CiminoBryan Ciminoryan Cimino - Independent Technician

Bryan is currently finishing a double major in IT with dual specialties in networking and cybersecurity. Bryan has multiple years of experience in the IT field working at the Internet help desk for a major local provider, supporting high level employees at a major national bank and supporting students and professors with distance learning software applications. When not showing people how to make technology work for them, Bryan enjoys learning about horology and fixing watches for himself and his friends.





James StarowitzJames Starowitz

 James Starowitz - President - Starnova, LLC

James has immersed himself in computer and Internet technology for over 20 years. He has developed business automation systems in nearly every programming language and operating system one can think of. James operates a web site and email hosting company that focuses on saving small business from the excessive overselling that occurs in the hosting market place. Teknosophy recommends his company, Starnova, LLC to its small business clients looking for web hosting and proper email services with stellar customer support.