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Only You Can Call Me™

The call blocker from Teknosophy that actually works!


The Back Story


One day in 2017, Marc was at home and kept receiving countless calls from unsolicited phone scammers, on his home phone landline. He decided to call the phone company and change his number.

"Hah! Yeah right kid, like that'll help!" said the guy from the phone company.

Billions of people around the world are antagonized by phone scammers every day. Many end up giving up their landlines. Scammers have nothing better to do, and it's now so easy and cheap for them to call around the world.


They just go up the list, 555-0001, 555-0002, etc. What's to stop them? It shouldn't be this way!

He thought about it hard and realized how to make it happen. Then he invented OYCCM.


  • OYCCM is a device that blocks ALL ROBOCALLS to a landline.

  • We also offer a different device that blocks ALL CALLS except those from people you want to hear from.
  • For small business/home office/SOHO, we have partnered with a phone provider that will block ALL ROBOCALLS but will not interfere with clients/inquiries!
  • OYCCM is based on patented technology, but keeps things super simple. No hare-brained cloud-controlled Big Tech schemes here.


How It Compares to Other Ideas


  • Some smartphone apps block calls based on the phone number that shows up on Caller ID, but then you have to remember to register them.

  • Everything else out there is a gimmicky gizmo, such as ones sold on Amazon and TV Shopping Networks. You see a number that's a scammer, and you press a BLOCK button - making you do all the work, and only blocking callers after they've upset you.
  • People are raising their fists and saying "Congress should do something!" Unless they decide to fly around the world and arrest any call scammers they find, you're better off protecting yourself.
  • The only other thing the government or Big Tech can do is create an ultracomplex hare-brained scheme that requires people to jump through hoops to obtain a telephone number. This will not stop scammers at all, but it will penalize legitimate people.


Decentralized Protection




Engineers thought they had a solution. Around 2021, the SHAKEN/STIR scheme method out. This, as with most of their ideas, was a centrally-controlled validation scheme. It checked to see if the caller had the right to use that number. Of course, it completely failed to protect anyone against anything. Scammers simply purchased approved phone numbers.




This is why OYCCM is so different, and so resilient. IT BLOCKS ALL ROBOCALLS, no matter who claims how valid they are. Again, since Robocallers dial out automatically, and as such, they cannot press any numbers to validate.




How You Can Get One


If you'd like to enjoy some peace and quiet:

  • Contact your local Teknosophy affiliate for pricing information or to schedule an install.


OYCCM is yet another way Teknosophy uses superior ideas and simplicity to protect people from chaos and scams.